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Hi I'm Rick Haslett the originator of the self lighting candle. Brought it out 15yrs ago sold 100's of them and then the supplies were unobtainable. I'm happy to say we are able and currently making them again

This is a thin model of our classic remote control candle
NOW YOU CAN INSTANTLY RELIGHT THE CANDLE WHEN YOU WISH!! Audience actually sees the wick light. It's cool, it's magical

WITH ONLY A PUSH OF A BUTTON This one is a beauty! It s a Remote Control Candle that will light at your command with just the push of a button on a remote-control. The audience actually sees the wick light before their eyes!

No matches. No lighters. All of the electronics are built into the candle so that everything is self-contained.

REQUIRES -lighterfluid, (2) 9volt alkaline batteries Great for mentalists, stage and parlor entertainers.

available in two colors RED and WHITE 

THIN Remote Control Candle


THIN remotecontrol candle RED 274.50
THIN remotecontrol candle WHITE 274.50

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